A Local Hawaii Dental Labratory



We produce monolithic and layered zirconia restorations in-house.  With our 5-axis mills and open architecture capabilities, we are able to pick and choose the best materials on the current market and provide restorations that meet strength requirements and aesthetic demands.

IPS e.max

Lithium Disilicate has remained a highly desired restoration in our laboratory  Yielding a high bond strength while maintaining translucency, this material is our first choice when combined with layered ceramics to create a superior restoration that mimics nature.

Full Contour Gold

We offer 55% High Noble -or- 2% Noble full contour restorations.  We utilize CAD/CAM technology for this process by partnering with industry leaders that provide SLM, DPM and alloy milling capabilities.


We work with all major Implant Companies that have a strong presence on the islands. From single-unit to All-on-4 Type Restorations, we progressively work to make all aspects of the Implant Restorative process easy and predictable.

Night Guards

With Erkodent Thermoform Technology, we are able to provide high quality hard soft bite splints. From your alginate, polyvinyl or even your digital impression, we can produce a preventative appliance or protect a restorative investment.